Olivos Oval Tray, Black Horn, Polished Copper

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The largest in the Olivos collection, this oval polished horn-handle tray makes a sophisticated statement. Use it to up your tablescaping game, complement a display of curios, or simply add it to your collection of things that spark joy.

Inspired by the landscape of northern Argentina, we think our copper Olivos trays are true works of art, hand-forged and hammered to our exact specifications, and polished to a mirrored shine. Available in different shapes and sizes – rectangle, square, round and oval – the Olivos trays feature decorative handles made with authentic Argentine goat horns, ethically sourced from farms where the livestock roam freely. With their textured surface, these create a natural ergonomic grip, and the individual variations in color, size and shape make each tray unique.  Part of the Olivos Tray Collection.  Individually wrapped for protection in bubble wrap, inside a cloth bag.  Includes cleaning cloth.

MATERIALS: Polished copper, natural black goat horn.
COLOR: Copper tray and black natural goat horns (color varies slightly for each horn).
SIZE: Tray is 23" long by 12". Outer measurement with horns included: 25”. Measurements can vary since products are handmade.
CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Goat horn: clean with a dry cloth.  Copper: clean gently with a microfiber cleaning cloth. If needed, use a wet cloth to clean and dry afterwards.
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