Our Story

Gaucho - Buenos Aires is a brand for tomorrow’s originals.  Our values — strength, resilience, optimism — run through everything we make, from the quality of our leather to the fearlessness of our cuts and our unending passion for Buenos Aires’ fashion heritage. We’re here for entrepreneurial spirits and self-starters, and for people who want their fashion to feel as good as it looks. In complementing your style now and inspiring your future choices, we give you the confidence to realize whatever version of you you’re working towards.  Feeling good, looking good, that’s Gaucho – Buenos Aires.


Once described as the Paris of South America, Buenos Aires was a global fashion capital during the early 20th century — as the many Belle Epoque storefronts here, including Harrods, attest.  When mainstream luxury brands deserted Argentina a few years ago, our phoenix city never lost its cachet as a shopping destination; the void was quickly filled by an innovative design scene. Gaucho - Buenos Aires is the pinnacle of that evolution — a homegrown luxury brand with global reach.


If Buenos Aires is Argentina's beating heart, the gaucho is its soul — a national symbol of honor and integrity.  Known for their aptitude to emerge even stronger from life’s toughest challenges, the Gaucho is resilient.  Epic landscapes, artisan tradition, equestrian culture... the gaucho's presence permeates everything we produce, from our honest materials to our focus on intricate, handcrafted detail.  Our job is not to mimic, but rather to weave that influence into our contemporary pieces — creating a new modern glamour that draws on the heritage of both artisan and urban Argentina.




Gaucho - Buenos Aires also serves as a platform for our talented designers, including Carmen Vils and Juan Faratro, and others to express their unique and profound creativity.  In an overarching effort to support the imaginative expression of the previously stifled Argentine youth, Gaucho is proud to provide an opportunity for these talented individuals to work on their passions, and showcase their skills to the rest of the world.  Our goal is to give Argentine artists a voice through fashion, and a chance to shine on the Global Stage.


Conceived by entrepreneur and Gaucho Holdings CEO Scott Mathis, Gaucho – Buenos Aires is the result of more than a decade’s investment in Argentina’s heart and soul. Gaucho Holdings’ luxury branded assets have come to be associated with the country’s finest experiences through award-winning wines and exceptional luxury destinations.  Now with Gaucho – Buenos Aires, Gaucho Holdings adds a high-end fashion and accessories e-commerce sector to its collection of luxury assets, connecting buyers with some of Argentina’s best creative talents that harness the country’s unique heritage and artisanship of products such as woven fabrics, leather goods and precious metal jewelry.

Gaucho Group Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:VINO) identifies, creates and develops opportunities in sought after lifestyle industries that complement our growing collection of experiential luxury assets. Our holding company is comprised of various market sectors with a reputation for excellence including Luxury Vineyard Real Estate, Fine Wines, Luxury Boutique Hotels, as well as E-commerce Leather Goods and Accessories.

We pursue, and build, brands of excellence. As a public company, we seek to utilize the value inherent in our current assets and real estate as a base to acquire, roll up, or establish additional brands of distinction that further enhance our brand portfolio. Utilizing our leadership team’s entrepreneurial skills and industrial knowledge, we then accelerate these brands with a focus on fueling their collective growth. 

Though each of our businesses can stand alone as a breakout brand with its own unique identity, products and loyal consumers, one of the greatest strengths of Gaucho Holdings’ integrated business model is that our shared resources allow us to streamline operations across platforms such as creative and marketing, accounting, sourcing, fulfillment and other logistics, which are then shared across our businesses to the advantage of all.  Gaucho Holdings’ carefully curated assemblage of exciting, emerging brands — when viewed collectively — form an even greater whole that is truly exceptional.