Social Responsibility

Gaucho – Buenos Aires’ apparel is made in small-batch production quantities and micro collections, producing no excess product and allowing us to operate with zero waste. We pledge to only produce the highest quality of products honoring the heritage of craftsmanship, ensuring the longer life and wearability of our clothing.

We strive to only source chrome-free and metal-free leather whenever we can, with the goal of going completely chrome and metal free, working with only sustainable production partners that share our vision.

As much as we can, we strive to source only fabrics with recycled fibers, or fabrics composed of natural, organic and sustainable materials. This includes our cottons, but also extends to our dyes, finishing hardware and trimmings.

Whenever we can, we strive to tell the story behind each garment, of where it was made, of where its materials were sourced from, and of who made them in order to remain transparent and informative about our environmental and social commitments.