Mendoza Collection Coffee Pot, Black Horn, Polished Silver

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Hand-polished to perfection, this coffee pot pairs with the Mendoza Collection tea pot, sugar pot, and a small serving tray. Combining grandeur and intimacy, it’s a sophisticated, classically elegant set designed for everyday use. The geometric lines are reminiscent of art deco styles, but feel absolutely contemporary in a modern home, replete with polished-horn handles that create a natural ergonomic grip.

*Argentine goat horns, ethically sourced from farms, where the livestock roam freely.

*Individually wrapped for protection in bubble wrap, inside a cloth bag. Includes cleaning cloth.

MATERIALS: Polished silver-coated silver nickel alloy, natural black goat horn handle.
COLOR: Silver, black natural goat horns (color varies slightly for each horn).
SIZE: 8" high with 5.5" horn. Measurements can vary as they are natural products.
CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Goat horn: clean with a dry cloth. Silver-coated silver nickel alloy: apply silver paste gently with a dry cloth to polish.
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