Olivos Rectangular Medium Tray, Black Horn, Polished Silver

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Superior craftsmanship meets sleek design in this exquisite, polished horn-handle tray – perfectly proportioned for serving up sundowners, and beautiful enough to look good doing nothing.

Inspired by the landscape of northern Argentina, we think our silver-coated Olivos trays are true works of art, hand-forged and hammered to our exact specifications, and polished to a mirrored shine. Available in different shapes and sizes – rectangle, square, round and oval – the Olivos trays feature decorative handles made with authentic Argentine goat horns, ethically sourced from farms where the livestock roam freely. With their textured surface, these create a natural ergonomic grip, and the individual variations in color, size and shape make each tray unique.  Part of the Olivos Tray Collection.  Individually wrapped for protection in bubble wrap, inside a cloth bag.  Includes cleaning cloth.

MATERIALS: Polished silver-coated silver nickel alloy, natural black goat horn.
COLOR: Silver tray and black natural goat horns (color varies slightly for each horn).
SIZE: Tray is 16” long by 12”. Outer measurement with horns included: 19”. Measurements can vary since products are handmade.
CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Goat horn: clean with a dry cloth. Silver-coated silver nickel alloy: apply silver paste gently with a dry cloth to polish. Clean with water afterwards, and allow to dry.
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